Where are your servers hosted?

All of our servers, Germany has the best data center infrastructure in  Netherlands. Your server will have the fastest internet access in all three countries, Internet networking direct peering to Tier 1 Service Provider.

What is your total internet backbone capacity?

Internet access backbone of our capacity 2 x 400Gbps in Germany. The capacity of our internet access backbone is 2 x 200Gbps in Germany2. The capacity of our internet access spine is 2 x 100Gbps in the Netherlands. Our internet outputs are 100% redundant. Any capacity needs can be met instantly.

What happens to your application if my server is corrupted?

Streaming Servers has spare parts for all the servers it is renting. Any problem in the fastest way to replace your server is replaced with a new one that is defective. If the technical problem cannot be solved by the replacement of parts, a replacement or higher hardware is supplied free of charge to our customer as soon as possible.

Can I install the software on my dedicated server?

The entire management of the server is 100% yours and you can install all kinds of software and applications that are in compliance with the laws of your country, which are not harmful and that do not contradict our contract.

Are there any mandatory time commitments to the server services?

All prices are non-deductible. At the end of the selected purchase period, you can terminate your service without a contract cancellation fee.

Are there any limits / quotas for traffic usage?

We offer 100Mbps, 1Gbps and 10Gbps unshared line on our servers. No traffic usage quota is applied. The service never slows down or stops.